Georgetown Waterfront Park offers visitors a place to enjoy river views in a lush green setting at the edge of a bustling historic urban neighborhood. The 10-acre park curves along the Potomac River shoreline extending from 30th Street to 34th Street, N.W.  The park is located directly across the river from Roosevelt Island, with views west towards Key Bridge and east towards the Kennedy Center and Memorial Bridge.

The park, designed by Wallace, Roberts and Todd, has an informal design that emphasizes the river and the Potomac’s signature sport, rowing. It features views of the river from the numbered streets that are perpendicular to the park, and views of Key Bridge from the park’s diagonal paths. The western section of the park, from Wisconsin Avenue to 34th Street, N.W. is primarily pastoral with walkways, benches, overlooks, large open lawn areas, and a labyrinth.  Calming vistas of the river can be viewed from park benches, or while ambling along the wide riverfront promenade.  Along the way there are scenic overlooks with granite slabs etched with scenes from the waterfront’s history as a seaport.

The eastern section of the park, from 31st Street, N.W. to Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., is designed for more active use. It includes a large fountain, stadium-like steps leading to the river’s edge, a wide overlook, and a pergola. During summer months, children enjoy splashing in the fountain, and the steps are a favorite place for a picnic lunch, for watching shore birds, or for viewing canoeists, rowers, and paddlers on the river.

Georgetown Waterfront Park is a National Park that is managed by the National Park Service. The park is governed by the laws and regulations that apply to Rock Creek Park, which is located in the District of Columbia. Permits are necessary for events held at the park.  For permit information please contact the National Park Service at, or the Superintendent of Rock Creek Park at 202-895-6000 or via the Rock Creek Park website.