Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park (FOGWP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to raise awareness of the park and to help support park enhancement and maintenance. FOGWP has a Friends Group Agreement with the National Park Service to enhance community support for the park. FOGWP is the fourth volunteer citizens’ organization established since 1978 to advocate for the park.

FOGWP was founded in 2005 by Grace Bateman, Barbara Downs, Gretchen Ellsworth, Jonda McFarlane, Ann Satterthwaite, Bob vom Eigen, and Roger Stone to carry on the work of three predecessor organizations, The Committee for Washington’s Riverfront Parks, the Georgetown Waterfront Arts Commission, and the Georgetown Waterfront Park Commission.  FOGWP is an all-volunteer organization, with a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. It devotes virtually all of the funds it raises to park maintenance and enhancement, with minimal administrative costs.