Interview with Ann Satterwaite

Ann Satterthwaite is committed to the preservation of the environment and the community – and is also very interested in historic preservation. What better place to settle than in Georgetown? Ann arrived in Washington after finishing her graduate degree in city planning at Yale University to work with the Outdoor Recreation Resources Commission in the early 1960s where she helped to create parks and green spaces for the city. Having worked in several cities and countries throughout the world, Ann set roots in Georgetown and committed herself to the decades-long project of the creation of Georgetown Waterfront Park. In her interview with Catherine Habanananda, Ann details the struggles and victories during the transformation of the commercial hub south of M Street into the beautiful, peaceful green space it is today. She sums up the unique character of Washington, DC and Georgetown as: “The marvel of this city is that it is so green. It is called the City of Trees.”

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